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Allan F. Westphall

Welcome to the digital home of a young-ish medievalist, philatelist, webdesigner (not!), serendipitist, writer, teacher, researcher, husband son and brother, book collector and bibliophile, PhD, company co-founder, investor, and board member from Denmark (currently residing in Hong Kong)

EST. 2014

Enjoying a cocktail (a Batavia Punch and technically speaking a ‘mocktail’) in the Café Batavia in the heart of old town Batavia, now Jakarta. Begun in 1805, the building served as administration office of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. I visited Jakarta in September 2018.

Gold! In March 2019 I won a Gold medal at the Hong Kong Stamp Exhibition for my display of Netherlands Indies Prephilately 1817-1864.

One sweaty Dane, having just scaled the dizzying heights of the island of Po Toi in Hong Kong. Po Toi is the southernmost of the outlying islands of the Hong Kong territory and only a handful of people live here. I visited the island in September 2014. See my album 'Hong Kong visit September 2014' in IT'S PERSONAL!

I'm here to serve! Being a speech judge in the Shenzhen Tax Bureau (Futian branch) is just one of the weird and wonderful activities I'm pursuing while in China.

My Chinese chop: my Chinese name is Wei Aolun