a Chinese family

Chinese family

Here's a hotchpotch of pictures of me and Katie. Over the past years we have travelled and explored and visited family in Denmark and China. Yep, mine is a cross-cultural marriage - technically speaking an inter-racial marriage, but let's leave such term behind: it is in the meeting of cultures, not of race, that the challenges and delights of marriage across borders are found. Such a relationship is a thing always alive with its challenge, complexity, occasional conflict, inspiration, fun, and surprising and eye-opening insights. Enjoy the pictures.

Dining with (most of) the Chinese family in a place close to Nanning (capital city of Guangxi province in south China). 20+ dishes have been consumed, enjoyed with Chinese tea and French red wine. Dining in this country is delicious and fun, noisy and messy, stimulating all the senses and involving several generations.

In Denmark or China? Take a guess... In a traditional restaurant outside of Shenzhen in Guandong province.

House-hunting in Denmark, we finally found a place that suited our needs. But, alas, some broken pipes in the bathroom put us off.

I jest! This is the royal residence in the heart of Copenhagen. You get no points for guessing the season.

In front of Ebeltoft Town Hall in the summer of 2010.

Grandfather Knud, Bent the Father, and me in Brabrand: three generations - and one Chinese spy...

2008 (or thereabouts): Katie and I on the Chinese island of Hainan. This was me on a holiday tour with 50 Chinese, mostly from Shenzhen: 'total cultural immersion' I think is the term!

Bent, Else Marie, and Katie en route to Kalø, an island close to Århus on which is found the remnants of a 14th century castle.

A rainy day on the border to Vietnam. Out for a drive with Katie's older brother and his wife in 2012.

Happy holidaying in Bangkok 2011.

A group of Katie's colleagues with some of their family in Hong Kong's Central district. We had just returned from a weekend together on Hong Kong's Cheung Chau Island. Standing on the right is my good friend and tour organiser Casper.

Photographic evidence to support the theory (still controversial in some circles) that Santa Claus really is from China - and a woman!

At the wedding of one of Katie's classmates; a sumptuous feast and lots of drinking 'gan bei' (that's drinking 'bottom's up' to all you lay folks!).

Andreas shows a Chinese visitor some of the most popular restaurants in Silkeborg in Denmark. Here they are photographed in the restaurant Italiano (it's an Italian restaurant but the name kind of gives that away!)

In search of inner peace in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok. (Still searching...).

Rendez-vousing with Danish friends in Edinburgh. Anders and Else Marie, with the kids Emil and Kirstine (Daniel was gestating inside Else Marie at the time).

A citizen on the People's Republic of China in the Shekou district of Shenzhen.

A Chinese and a Dane sampling a Spanish paella in Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland.