square circle + long cancel

The square circle cancel ('vierkantstempel') in combination with longcancel

Stamps that show the combination of the square circle cancel and the long cancel are not uncommon, starting from the introduction of the square circle in 1892. These stamps were used on letters sent from a sub post office or a train mail collection (where the long cancel was used) and via a main post office (which applied the square circle date stamp).


Pladjoe + Palembang (Sumatra)

Ende + Koepang (Lesser Sunda Islands)

Kertosono + Kediri (Java)

Perbaoengan + Medan (Sumatra)

Rantja Ekek + Weltevreden (Java)

Soempioeh by Djokjakarta on Chinese letter to Samarang 22 June 1893. 

Soempioeh was a small postal service by a railway line that operated from 1891 to 1915.

A very rare letter.

Loeboe Pakam by Medan, 23 Nov. 1896

Soekoredjo by Pekalongan, 31 May 1902

Magetan by Madioen, 21 June 1897, registered postcard to Germany

Solok by Padang, 9 April 1903

Kendangan, by Bandjermasin, 9 July 1905 on letter to Scheveningen.

Two letters from Kendangan via Bandjermasin to Scheveningen. The letter on the left showing Kendangan registration label but it was not struck with the longcancel. Letter on the right showing Kendangan longcancel in black and transit Bandjermasin 26/2 1905.

Postdistrict Kanigoro Onderdistrikt Salah, the only known example of this oval postmark, next to main post office Madioen square circle 13/9 1897.

Longcancel Bawean and the date cancel of Soerabaja 18/8 1901 on a letter to Amsterdam.

Taroetoeng in North Sumatra via Siboga (18/4 1903) and Padang (20/4) to the Netherlands. The envelope was sent from the canteen in the military camp of Taroetoeng to the cigar manufacturer de Arend in Cuijk in the province of Limburg.

Kajoataijan via Padang on Sumatra sent to Amsterdam 13/3 1907.

Emma Haven via Padang 28/8 1900 to Posen in Germany. The letter went by sea to Genoa and from there by train to Milan. On the back is the Italian square circle cancel 'Amb Genova-Milano 21/9 00' and receiver of Posen 23/7 1900 (must be an error and should be 23/9).

Emma Haven (now known as Teluk Bayur, but then named after the Queen consort of King William III) is the port of Padang city and the largest and busiest port on the western coast of Sumatra.