round cancel

The round cancel


The first recorded use of the round cancel is Batavia Aug 17 1861, but it was in use with all post offices from 1863. The postmark was intended as a datemark and not as an obliterator of stamps. The exception to this is on printed matter and sometimes on postcards where the round cancel was used from 1874 to cancel the lower-value stamps.


In early 1878 the round cancel was replaced by the small-round cancel, but a few towns continued to use the round cancel as shown below.

Japara in Central Java did not have the small-round postmark (as far as I can see) and used the round cancel into the early 1890s. 

Stamp cancelled by numeral 86 and datestamp Japara Oct. 18 1882 to Baroness von Munchhausen in Binteln Germany. On reverse are transit marks of Koedoes Oct. 19 and Weltevreden Oct. 21. Arrival Binteln Nov. 28 1882.

Pekalongan also used the round cancel into the 1890s. Jan. 6 1890 postcard to Amsterdam, sent via Weltevreden.